Dan Crenshaw Publishes Childrens Book Warning Youths Of The Dangers Of Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is toxic.

Kids should be taught to learn from their mistakes – NOT be canceled for them.

It’s time to teach our kids to be BRAVE and stand up to cancel culture➡️ https://t.co/9OE6iurw5v pic.twitter.com/VsJhzpoOqh

— BRAVE Books (@BraveBooksUS) October 12, 2021

"You've got to reach all audiences," Crenshaw told Fox News. "Parents are increasingly frustrated by their schools' curriculum. They can go find left-wing progressive and woke children's books out there. It's pretty hard to find conservative-themed children's products."

The plot of "Fame, Blame and the Raft of Shame" takes place in an underwater city and follows a suavely-dressed anthropomorphic hippo named Eva who witnesses animals being banished via a "raft of shame" for making insensitive comments. "While today's culture presents canceling others' opinions as the solution to their problems, they don't realize that a culture of canceling eventually cancels culture entirely," reads the book's online  summary. 

Crenshaw told Fox News that he wanted to further define the concept of cancel culture for kids, a task he called "kind of tricky." "I think conservatives wrongly view cancel culture as a very simple question of either being able to say whatever the hell you want or being silenced," Crenshaw said. "It is not that simple. And I wanted to craft this story that kind of exposes the nuance of what we mean by cancel culture."

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The Republican legislator said the story's overarching theme is one of forgiveness. Crenshaw also peppers some of his own life  experiences into the plot, including a run-in with an joke-cracking rodent adult readers will recognize as a stand-in for his clash with former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Pete Davidson in 2018. Davidson is portrayed as a "hateful" skunk in the tale. 

"People are just becoming angrier, more resentful, more bitter, more divided," Crenshaw told Fox News, adding cancel culture "is manifesting in some dangerous ways that manifest in more blatant actions."

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