Seasons Readings: Books By Local Authors

PLATTSBURGH — Midwinter is the perfect time to get cozy beneath a soft throw in a wickedly comfortable chair with a riveting book or two or three.

A hot beverage in a very large mug is highly recommended as is this sampling of books written in 2021 by local authors: John. W. Conroy, Col. David Fitz-Enz, Richard Frost and Alice P. Green.

Arts reporter Robin Caudell took a look at a few books that have landed on her desk over the past year.

These books give illuminative insights into wars abroad, closer to home, external, and personal like a well-stoked fireplace in a winter’s tale.


Title: “The Girl from Tam Hiep: A Novel From the War”

Author: John W. Conroy.

Tag line: “Love and lust … in time of war.”

Synopsis: Private Bill Collins, a farm kid from the States, is living in Long Binh during the American War in Viet Nam. He begins a friendly relationship with Kim Lon, a girl from Cambodia who lives in nearby Tam Hiep. He’s new to it and it’s slow going.

“He lives with other GIs from varied backgrounds who manage on a daily basis, life within the U.S. Army in a country vastly different from their own.

“From the fleshpots and bars of Saigon and Bien Hoa, from Tam Hiep and Long Binh to DaNang and Phnom Penh, the story follows Bill Collins on day-to-day life with is fellow GIs while never faltering on his quest for love with Kim Lon, ‘The Girl from Tam Hiep.’”

Author Bio: John W. Conroy has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as an embedded journalist as well as present day Viet Nam and Cambodia. This is his first novel.

ISBN: 978-1-09837-167-8 (print)

ISBN: 978-1-09837-168-5 (eBook)

Paperback: 174 pages, $13.99

Kindle: $7.99

Available: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Title: “The Spy on Putney Bridge”

Author: Col. David Fitz-Enz.

Publisher: Hamilton Books

Tag line: “A mystery novel of espionage, murder and betrayal in London.”

Synopsis: “In an aging mansion on the north side of London’s Putney Bridge, an old woman confesses a secret to her grandson, just returned home from the battlefields of World War II. Charlotte Stetchworth has always appeared to be a proper Englishwoman, though with a lively background as a suffragette and European traveler. Now, her grandson Freddy learns a sinister secret, that Charlotte and her son Rolly – Freddy’s father – were involved in a complex web of spying for the Germans starting in World War I.”

Author Bio: Colonel David Fitz-Enz was a regular U.S. Army officer for 30 years, including assignments as a combat photographer in Vietnam and commanding a signal brigade that operated the Moscow Hot Line for three presidents. He is the author of a a memoir, “Why a Soldier?” and three books of military history: “Old Ironsides: Eagle of the Sea;: “Hacks, Sycophants, Adventurers and Heroes: Madison’s Commanders in the War of 1812;” and “The Final Invasion: Plattsburgh, the War of 1812’s Most Decisive Battle.” His first novel was “Redcoat’s Revenge: An Alternative History of the War of 1812.”

ISBN: 978-0-7618-7257-3

Paperback: 396 pages, $24.99

Available: Bookburgh, Champlain Centre, 60 Smithfield Blvd. Plattsburgh, Amazon.



Title: “Rich in History: A Champlain Valley Reader.”

Author: Richard Frost

Synopsis: “Lake Champlain began hosting important history even before the founding of the American Republic. The region saw military activity, serves as a key transportation corridor, and spawned industry to supplement an early agricultural economy. Reflect on events while also learning about ferries propelled by horses walking on-board treadmills, innovative citizen soldier training, graphite mines supplying Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, and more.”

Author Bio: Rich Frost writes about regional travel and history, including the biweekly column, “Rich in History,” in the Lake Champlain Weekly. He lives with his wife Mary and yellow Labrador retriever Zoey in northern New York.

ISBN: 9798534395716

Paperback: 314 pages, $22

Available: Cornerstone Book Shop, Lake City Books, Bookburgh, Clinton County Historical Association, Cornerstone Pharmacy in Rouses Point, Keeseville Pharmacy, Amazon.


Title: “We Who Believe in Freedom: Activism and the Struggle for Social Justice.”

Author: Alice P. Green

Publisher: King Jesus Press, LLC

Synopsis: “We Who Believe in Freedom: Activism and the Struggle for Social Justice” is an inspirational book that exposes readers to weighty topics such as police abuse and accountability, criminal justice and prison reform, and political abuse of power in Albany, New York.

In this book, part memoir and part history – Alice P. Green demonstrates these topics through her life experiences as a life-long advocate, highlighting the impact they have had on Albany’s Black communities since the early days of enslavement, up to the present day where we still have so many racial and criminal justice issues before us. This remarkable literary masterpiece serves as a blueprint for other unwavering activists to emulate in their quest for freedom from the injustices in their cities and throughout the country.”

Author Bio: Alice P. Green is the executive director of the Center for Law and Justice, a civil rights organization she founded in 1985 in Albany, New York. For nearly 40 years, the Center has been the foremost change agent in working to transform polices, practices and people in the areas of social justice, criminal justice and prison reform.

A staunch advocate for implementing community policing, eradicating police brutality, and dismantling systemic racism, Green’s career highlights include serving as legislative director of the new York Civil Liberties Union, deputy commissioner of of the New York State Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives, a member of the Citizens Policy and Complaint Review Council of the New York State Commission of Corrections, and executive director of Trinity Institution, a youth and family services center. She is the founder of the African American Cultural Center in Albany’s South End.

ISBN: 978-0-9998489-3-7 (Soft cover)

ISBN: 978-0-9998489-5-1 (E-book)

ISBN: 978-0-9998489-4-4 (Hard cover

Paperback: 304 pages, $17.99

Hardcover: 304 pages, $24.99

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

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