Way To Go! Super Chicken Takes Spotlight In Herricks Students Book

A student in the Herricks School District has written a children's book about an unusual superhero.

Sahil Jhaveri, a third-grader at Searingtown Elementary School in Albertson, recently self-published "Adventures of Super Chicken," a 32-page book that tells the story of a chicken who rescues the fellow fowl in his homeland from the evil powers of character called the Hunter. The book is available for purchase on various websites — including Amazon.

Sahil said he was inspired to write the book based on bedtime stories told by his father, Kenar, who would often tell him tales about animals.

"It was exciting; it felt pretty good," Sahil, 8, said of publishing his original story. Of his passion for animals, Sahil said: "I just like how they look and how they are designed."

In the book, Super Chicken uses his special powers to "save the day" in a place called Chickland, Sahil said. The book's images were provided by Blueberry Illustrations.

"We've always encouraged him to write," said Sahil's mother, Mital, noting her son created the book during his extended time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Being that he was home all the time … we just kind of gave him a laptop and said, 'write something, write something.' "


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Sahil, who aspires to become a paleontologist, plays the clarinet and soccer in his spare time.

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Way to Go! Super Chicken takes spotlight in Herricks students book


Way to Go! Super Chicken takes spotlight in Herricks students book