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Best Bane Quotes Harley Quinn. All my fav bits of bane in the harley quinn animated series.season one.i don't own anything! This is not only one of bane's best quotes but also one of the best quotes of harley quinn's second season, as it highlights both bane's talents as a warden and just how inept arkham asylum is.

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Clayface, riddler u i don't know if i'm ready to be chad's girlfriend. “if i’m mad enough to skip the tears and go straight to laughing, you better run cause i’m about to lose my shit.”. Bane is a recurring character on the t.v.


Bane Is A Recurring Character On The T.v.

Let’s see the most memorable bane quotes. We're only two weeks into the release of the harley quinn animated series, which has brought an outlandish and hilarious take on. “only when i’m dead do i intend to rest.” 3#.

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Clayface, riddler u i don't know if i'm ready to be chad's girlfriend. Even as harley and ivy lament, bane reassures them that he's unbiased something that two face confirms is true and is annoying. bane's commentary during the trial make it so much funnier. 35+ bane quotes from the dark knight rises.

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He’ll come for her.” 5#. The best (and only good thing) about tdkr is bane's hilarious voice, and this is spot on. Not only that, he says the quote so grumpily that he sounds like a child.

“It Was Time For Gotham To Meet The New Harley Quinn, So I Really Put Myself Out There.” 124#.

Your idle gossip distracts me from my master plan. Harley quinn cartoon parodies the dark knight rises' bane voice. I have inside voices that i have learned to contain.

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Harley quinn what's the other one gonna be busy with? bane: Harley quinn what'cha got cookin? harley quinn: When bane gets revenge on todd the smoothie guy

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