Comma Before Or After Closing Quotes

Comma Before Or After Closing Quotes. This traditional style has persisted even though it’s no longer universally followed outside of the united states and isn’t entirely logical. The mla handbook notes, “by convention, commas and periods that directly follow quotations go inside the closing quotation marks” (267).thus, in the following sentence, the comma is placed after taught:

Do You Put A Period After A Quote
Do You Put A Period After A Quote

According to the chicago manual of style, commas and periods are almost always placed before a closing quotation mark, “like this,” rather than after, “like this”. Use a comma to introduce a quotation: The comma goes before closing quotation marks (inside quotation marks).


In British English, Unless The Comma Is Originally A Part Of The Original Quoted Text, It Goes After The Quotation Mark.

Rarely do these types of quotes need commas in front of them.the document says “it was just after midnight that she was admitted.”.it states “…on the left.”. Try not to use a comma before ‘and’ Ned offered a string of commands.

Thus, “My Bicycle”, She Assured Him, “Awaits Me.”.

American english mainly uses the comma before the closing quotation mark, whereas the comma either goes before or after it in british english. “we have no absolute rights among us,” sir wilfrid laurier once said. “i’m going to be a couple minutes late to class today,” he said.

The Butcher Said, “No Ham Today.” Typically, We Still Follow This Rule If A Quote Is Split Apart In A Sentence.

“mary shelley and bram stoker are writers of the gothic genre, both of whom were revolutionary for their time” but not here because of the ‘and’: Rules for using quotation marks in writing. Remember to close the punctuation marks at the end of the quotation.

“Without A Doubt,” The Zookeeper Said, “They Were Hungry, Hungry Hippos.”

And sometimes people put a comma inside quotation marks even if there's no more quotations being used later in the sentence, which makes even less sense because the comma in the quotation isn't meant to be a comma for the sentence if contained within the quote. 1) outside the quotation marks: Ned said that i should bring the direwolf here. no punctuation:

“A Barking Dog Never Bites,” He Said, “Unless It Bites After It Stops Barking,” He Added, Showing Me His Bandaged Leg.

Thus, commas should be used with parentheses only if the sentence would require a comma without the parentheses. That’s the rule in american english: Peter cleaned his room before going out to play basketball.

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