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Vampire Diaries Quotes About Friendship. They've had their ups and downs Make a friend to hold you accountable giphy.

Caroline & Enzo ↳ 6x03 I loved their friendship and I wish
Caroline & Enzo ↳ 6×03 I loved their friendship and I wish

The first season began with elena and stephan being the love team and damon, stephan’s brother, the antagonist. Do i wanna be your friend??? “you were by my side when i needed a friend.


The First Season Began With Elena And Stephan Being The Love Team And Damon, Stephan’s Brother, The Antagonist.

You live your life, you heal, and in the meantime, we’re friends.”. Do i wanna be your friend??? “the pleasure i’ll get of watching you suffer is greater than any pain i’ll ever feel.”.

“There’s More To Me Than Just Gloomy Grave Yard Girl.”.

Vampire diaries stefan salvatore quotes. “it’s you and me, stefan. Best friends can hear and feel when something's wrong with one another, and this quote proves just how well damon knows enzo.

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“god, i cannot stop eating.” Human, humanity, light in the dark, killing, bad guy. That's why i gave you the vervain, so you had a choice.

I Didn't Have A Choice.

The vampire diaries was filled with love and friendship. There are a lot of moments when she proves this, and one of those times is when she says this. Best the vampire diaries quotes.

Our Values And Our Actions, They Define Who We Are.”.

“hell, you're a dick and you kill people, but i still see something human in you.”. Someone who can text or call you when you miss class. Not someone who will just say okay and send you notes.

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